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New Hampshire Dentist Ambassador Program

We invite you to become a Dentist Ambassador and share your experiences and lessons learned with dental students who are interested in learning more about New Hampshire...

Bi-State Primary Care joined forces with the NH Dental Society in 2005 to introduce an exciting initiative aimed at developing the oral health workforce for New Hampshire. The program invites local Ambassadors to visit New England dental schools to promote the practice of dentistry in New Hampshire and offer support as the students transition into practice. Because New Hampshire doesn't have a dental school of its own, the initiative plays an important role to support the recruitment of the future generation of dentists for the state. To date, there are 34 NH Dentist Ambassadors located throughout the state, representing rural, public health, and private practices.

The Recruitment Center coordinates national outreach and marketing to attract dentists in training and in practice to consider relocation to NH.  The Recruitment and Retention Coordinator maintains profiles of practices that are actively recruiting and coordinates communication and site visits between students/dentists and NH Dentist Ambassadors.

In coordination with the Recruitment Center, ambassadors promote the practice of dentistry in New Hampshire by supporting dental students and residents in their transition into practice. Ambassadors can choose to serve as a panelist at one of the presentations for dental students or to be on-call for inquires and site visits.

Role of the Dentist Ambassador

The ambassador will assist in supporting dental students and residents investigating practicing and living in New Hampshire. Through this focused interaction, the ambassador will have the opportunity to raise awareness of opportunities to practice dentistry in rural, public health, and private practice settings. The ambassador, with support from the NH Dental Society and the Recruitment Center, will provide information and answer questions related to what a dental student or resident can expect as s/he transitions into practice.

Specific Ambassador Responsibilities

- Speak one-on-one with dental students or residents or participate in a presentation panel.
- Provide feedback and assist in evaluating the role and effectiveness of the ambassador program. 

This program is financed in part under an agreement with the State of New Hampshire, Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, and under an agreement with the United States Department of Health & Human Services.

To join the Ambassador team or to schedule a site visit or meeting with an ambassador, contact Mandi Gingras, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator. 


Phone: 603-228-2830 x116


Promoting the practice of dentistry in New Hampshire to support the recruitment of the future generation of dentists to care for New Hampshire residents. 

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